About 3Dealz

What is the point of getting coupons for  your local pizza shop, Burger King or car oil change? We know you love to run, bike, and swim. Do you really care about getting an oil change deal, or 40% off Zipp carbon wheels? Or that power meter that you always wanted?

It’s All About Swimming, Biking, And Running.

We know that you are an addict. We won’t judge you. After all, that’s why we built  3Dealz. To support our addiction. Spending retail on the latest running, swimming, and cycling gear was just costing too much money. Money that could be spent somewhere else, to signup for more races, or get another bike or maybe put it in your kids college fund!

3Dealz will go out and hunt for these deals for you. Generally, our visitors will save between 20-50% off retail. We will find these hidden deals so you won’t have to take time away from your long run, or bike ride. You can go to your morning swim masters swim workout knowing that the speedo you are wearing didn’t cost as much as others in your class. In fact, you now have a collection of them just because you are a smart shopper.

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We’re also strong believers in getting right to the point. Too many deal sites make you register or pay membership fees just to have access to their special offers. On 3Dealz, there’s none of that. Our site doesn’t require any registration, nor are there any fees. Access to our unbelievable deals and coupons is free for everyone.

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